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We're all about providing new and unique designs. If you've been on the hunt for coffee/side tables, look no further! Here are some of our favourites…


FERAH is a brilliant table for smaller spaces or to accompany your sofa or accent chair. With a copper or black plate top and a sturdy metal frame – simple and flexible in its design.

product - 2022-08-11T151026.568.jpg

DIMPE combines a unique and contemporary design with a highly durable top. Grey sintered stone sits on top of a sandy black metal base – a real talking point of a coffee table.

product - 2022-08-11T151036.739.jpg

FYLA combines curves in metal and wood. Tear drop shaped bases and round black oak tops – available in three sizes to nest together or stand alone.

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Here's a sneak peek of some of the new products from Oliver-B of Italy. The collection falls into three lines; Soul, Wild & Casa and there is newness in all three lines. The collection always features beautiful and unique designs made from solid woods and high-quality materials – creating a cohesive, and contemporary look.


INCASTRO by Oliver-B showcases the beauty of solid ash. Stocked with a wild edge finish (straight available to order) to further emphasise the beauty of the wood and focus on the uniqueness of every piece – it is a true statement piece from the Soul Collection and represents excellent value.


FLEX features an iconic, sinuous wave-shaped base and top made of solid wild oak; a wood characterized by knots and strong grain. Hand-worked by timber and metal artisans; FLEX shows its muscle with elegant ease. A unique and contemporary design from the Wild Collection.


ECLISSE is a modern and unique design. An innovative play of light is taken to a new level with the addition of a circle of LED lighting in the base of this table. The elegance then continues with the solid ash top tapering to an aerofoil type edge - a tactile and enticing look and feel. ECLISSE is from the refined and extraordinary Casa Collection.

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Bradfords Visits The Milan Fair 2022

Milan Design Week is the world's most extravagant design event, centred around the Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair and featuring events across the city's design districts.

Salon del Mobile usually takes place in April, but the event was pushed back for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic and took place in Milan from 6 to 12 June 2022. This year it was the 60th anniversary of the fair, showcasing more than 2,000 exhibitors – a return to its pre-pandemic size for the first time since 2019.


The main trend was a continued shift towards soft and organic colours, shapes, and textures. Natural colours dominated with natural neutrals at the centre of the palette with early greens and reds emerging. Circles and curves continue to take over from sharpness and straight lines while texture in fabrics and on hard surfaces is getting stronger. The clay finish by Bonaldo was a favourite of ours – watch this space later this year…

New Year, New Arrivals

2020 was an exciting one on the design front, as we focused on evolution vs. revolution.

If one theme connects the interior trends in 2020, it is the shift of how we live and work, in our homes. Our increasing desire for a sustainable way of life, is creating a new interest in vintage components, organic forms, and earthy tones. Other trends, like pieces with a playful accents and seating that encourages collaboration, seem to point to a collective desire to make more meaningful connections with our surroundings.


As we kick off 2021, these postmodern trends will continue to have a strong presence. Traditional décor includes classic shapes, metallic detailing and yes, traditional brown tones that add a homely, nostalgic presence.

Natural leathers, woods and finishes perfectly compliment the rich moods of polished golds, brushed bronzes, and elegant silver hardware – truly pulling inspiration from the earth itself.


Amongst these calming, humble furnishings, come bold and distinct objects; design-focused, conceptual pieces that remain intimate and functional, offering up a burst of colour, texture, silhouette, and harmony to a room. Vivid, deep velvets, golden hardware, and customisable shapes.

These pieces reference every-day forms, illustrating them in a larger-than-life way – these are the pieces that will be future classics.