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With this summer shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, it’s time to make the most of the summer season by transforming your outdoor space into a haven of cool and stylish relaxation.

Check out our tips below for entertaining outdoors during the hot summer weather, showcasing how the right furniture can turn your space into an oasis. Get ready to elevate your al fresco experience!

Chill-Out Seating: Beat the Heat in Comfort

Combat the heat with cool and comfortable seating options. Look for materials that allow for airflow, like rope for sofas and lounge chairs.

Our Isora Outdoor Lounge Chair features a white rope frame, which is sure to keep you cool on even the hottest days.

Cool Dining Escapes: Alfresco Feasts in the Heat

For uncovered outdoor spaces, choose light-coloured furniture and cushions. Their lower heat absorption compared to darker alternatives ensures cooler temperatures.

If your outdoor space has a  protective covering, embrace the sophistication of dark furniture, as it remains sheltered from direct sunlight.

Crafted with UV-rated materials that stand up to the elements, our Alcala Dining Chair has a resilient aluminium frame and sleek black synthetic wicker for a modern aesthetic. The design is completed with a plush beige cushion, ensuring not only a chic appearance but also unmatched comfort. 

Refreshing Nooks: Creating Shade with Style

Designate refreshing nooks with strategically placed outdoor umbrellas or sail shades. These additions not only provide shade but also add a stylish touch to your space.

The Cedro Day Bed is the perfect option for those seeking shade by the pool, in the garden, or on the deck this summer. This plush day bed prioritises shade and adaptability and is easily adjustable. It turns into a shaded shell-type daybed or fan-shaped chairs, perfect for cocktail parties

Luminous Nights: Setting the Evening Aglow

Embrace the balmy summer evenings with strategic lighting. Solar-powered string lights, lanterns and table lamps can add a touch of magic without increasing the temperature.

Keep your outdoor space alive day and night with our Sponge Table Lamp. An elegant light inspired by the softness and shape of mushrooms, this little lamp is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

With the built-in battery, it can easily be moved as you wish and recharged when needed. This lamp is small but mighty with a 5-hour battery life at full brightness, weather resistance, wind resistance and 3 different light modes.

Beat the Heat Entertainment: Fun in the Sun

Plan entertainment that embraces the summer vibe. Consider water-themed activities like a pool party, water balloon fights, or even a makeshift slip 'n slide.

Invest in outdoor misting systems or portable fans to keep the air circulating during your gatherings.

Amid the hottest summer, your outdoor space can become a haven of cool comfort and style. Explore our exclusive outdoor furniture sale to find the perfect pieces that seamlessly blend functionality with flair. Don't let the heat dampen your outdoor spirit – embrace the summer vibes and make every moment under the sun a memorable one!

Bradfords Outlet Now Open

The temporary Bradfords Outlet is now open and conveniently located under our store in Greenlane.

Take advantage of the great deals on ex-floor stock, end-of-line, and clearance items – limited stock available.

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We're all about providing new and unique designs. If you've been on the hunt for coffee/side tables, look no further! Here are some of our favourites…


FERAH is a brilliant table for smaller spaces or to accompany your sofa or accent chair. With a copper or black plate top and a sturdy metal frame – simple and flexible in its design.

product - 2022-08-11T151026.568.jpg

DIMPE combines a unique and contemporary design with a highly durable top. Grey sintered stone sits on top of a sandy black metal base – a real talking point of a coffee table.

product - 2022-08-11T151036.739.jpg

FYLA combines curves in metal and wood. Tear drop shaped bases and round black oak tops – available in three sizes to nest together or stand alone.

Click here to view more of our stunning occasional tables! 


Here's a sneak peek of some of the new products from Oliver-B of Italy. The collection falls into three lines; Soul, Wild & Casa and there is newness in all three lines. The collection always features beautiful and unique designs made from solid woods and high-quality materials – creating a cohesive, and contemporary look.


INCASTRO by Oliver-B showcases the beauty of solid ash. Stocked with a wild edge finish (straight available to order) to further emphasise the beauty of the wood and focus on the uniqueness of every piece – it is a true statement piece from the Soul Collection and represents excellent value.


FLEX features an iconic, sinuous wave-shaped base and top made of solid wild oak; a wood characterized by knots and strong grain. Hand-worked by timber and metal artisans; FLEX shows its muscle with elegant ease. A unique and contemporary design from the Wild Collection.


ECLISSE is a modern and unique design. An innovative play of light is taken to a new level with the addition of a circle of LED lighting in the base of this table. The elegance then continues with the solid ash top tapering to an aerofoil type edge - a tactile and enticing look and feel. ECLISSE is from the refined and extraordinary Casa Collection.

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