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Gibbston Sofa

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Just like the renowned grape-growing destination, so too does The GIBBSTON by Kovacs of New Zealand look alluring from every angle. The elegantly curved back ensuring it can settle down into the background or stand out in the middle of the room.

Quality construction makes the difference, pre-bent, and straight steel components creating shape and strength while allowing cushioning and other design elements to combine with grace and style. Plush and bold without being too flashy or ‘of-the-now’, the Gibbston, like a good vintage, will reward those in the years to come.

Product Options

GIBBSTON 2.5 Seater Staunch col.Fossil 181(W) x 94(D) x 86(H) 48(SH) Product code: SKO-GIB_2MAXSTAU $ 6,970.00
GIBBSTON 3.5 Seater Staunch col.Fossil 236(W) x 94(D) x 86(H) 48(SH) Product code: SKO-GIB_3MAXSTAU $ 7,860.00
GIBBSTON 3 Seater Staunch col.Fossil 213(W) x 94(D) x 86(H) 48(SH) Product code: SKO-GIB_3STRSTAU $ 7,440.00
GIBBSTON Armchair Staunch col.Fossil 105(W) x 94(D) x 86(H) 48(SH) Product code: SKO-GIB_CHRSTAU $ 4,895.00