New Year, New Arrivals

18 Jan 2021

2020 was an exciting one on the design front, as we focused on evolution vs. revolution.

If one theme connects the interior trends in 2020, it is the shift of how we live and work, in our homes. Our increasing desire for a sustainable way of life, is creating a new interest in vintage components, organic forms, and earthy tones. Other trends, like pieces with a playful accents and seating that encourages collaboration, seem to point to a collective desire to make more meaningful connections with our surroundings.


As we kick off 2021, these postmodern trends will continue to have a strong presence. Traditional décor includes classic shapes, metallic detailing and yes, traditional brown tones that add a homely, nostalgic presence.

Natural leathers, woods and finishes perfectly compliment the rich moods of polished golds, brushed bronzes, and elegant silver hardware – truly pulling inspiration from the earth itself.


Amongst these calming, humble furnishings, come bold and distinct objects; design-focused, conceptual pieces that remain intimate and functional, offering up a burst of colour, texture, silhouette, and harmony to a room. Vivid, deep velvets, golden hardware, and customisable shapes.

These pieces reference every-day forms, illustrating them in a larger-than-life way – these are the pieces that will be future classics.